We here at SCOTT Fire & Security are a team of professionals with the vast knowledge and ability to perform in the Life and Product Safety Industry. We specialize in the installation of fire alarm and security systems for commercial and residential buildings. We use in house engineering to design security and fire alarm systems, provide user training and product knowledge, as well as all low voltage work. A few things that separate SCOTT Fire & Security from competitors are that we offer very competitive prices, we always stay within budget and up to code, and with being in the industry for over 20 years we have vast knowledge on all of our products provided and how to design the system to utilize all the features to the best of their ability. Our vision for the business going forward is to become the leading fire alarm and security system installers for the state of Arizona in both the commercial and residential sector.
   The products and service we provide are home automation and security monitoring. The main piece in the security system that we offer is the DSC Touch Panel. It is an innovative smart panel which provides customers with home management and interactive security capabilities in an all-in-one, intuitive and easy to use interface. Its Google’s Android based operating system employs WIFI, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave technology for a wire free install and all-in-one wireless communication. Once the setup of this panel is complete, customers will be able to purchase any additional wireless security products from us and install them and add them to the security network by just the press of a button. These additional products range from wireless door/window contact intrusion detector, motion detector, smart thermostat, etc. All of the products we provide are so easy to use and very user friendly. Installation is so simple that we feel the customer can take it home with them the same day of purchase and install it themselves. Although for those who don’t feel comfortable with installing this system or need expert advice on placement, we can come install the system for them for an installation fee of $100. Once the system is installed we can monitor it for the customer at a monthly charge of $35 for a three year contract.